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Welcome to Sole Vista

Sole Vista • Sun View

Sole Vista, or Sun View in Italian, truly lives up to its name as it perches atop the city, basking in a warm sunny glow from dawn till dusk. As you walk along the cobblestone walkway, these terracotta buildings evoke images of Mediterranean villas with their terraced walls and accents of azure blue; a fitting theme as it overlooks Calgary’s “Little Italy”.

Comunità • Community

You’ll find a unique community has grown atop this hill; enjoy barbecues with the neighbours in the summer sun, share a glass of wine on your balcony looking out over the city, and quickly get to know everyone by name.

Outside Sole Vista you’ll also find the exciting communities of Bridgeland-Riverside and Renfrew, with numerous parks, playgrounds and greenspaces to enjoy, a vibrant foodie scene, and easy access to so much of what Calgary has to offer.

Tranquillità • Tranquility

There are no elevators or corridors to be found here – each home welcomes you with a private entrance, accessed from the central courtyard. Inside, you’ll find blissful peace and quiet, insulated from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and feel drawn to slow down and unwind from your hectic day. Embrace the Italian way of living slowly and enjoying life’s little pleasures!

Developed by Battistella Developments

“The home-grown Battistella family built a legacy of unique and modernist houses in Calgary, followed by numerous smaller condominium gems such as Sole Vista above Bridgeland, then moving into high-rises.” – Beltline Urban Society

Designed by Sturgess Architecture

Over the past 40 years Sturgess Architecture has established a reputation for design excellence and completing projects with efficiency. Their work has won national and international recognition throughout its history, winning such awards as the World Architecture Festival Award for the Glacier Skywalk, the RAIC Governor General’s Medal in Architecture Award for design and construction documentation, and has been celebrated with numerous other honours.

Nestled in Renfrew, overlooking Bridgeland Riverside

Located just North of the boundary between the Renfrew and Bridgeland-Riverside communities, Sole Vista enjoys the vibrant energy and easy walkability of both these sought after communities.

Sole Vista, 718 5 St NE, Calgary

Very Walkable

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